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When we visit a home in Europe, the owners always show us around the house; with much joy and pride. This shows how each owner has a very characteristic lifestyle, and how they love their homes just as much as how they love their lives. Watching them, we realize that the first step towards happiness is to lead our lives in a relaxed, beautiful house by considering our homes as part of ourselves. The number of people who recognize the importance of our homes, and who consider that decision-making from the life-style aspect is the path towards true wealth, is growing in Japan as well. As each person becomes more subjective about “how they want to live,” their demands towards their “homes” also increase. As Swiss educator Pestalozzi says: “In a house that is the basis of a healthy life, the power of the room and the power of the garden are indispensable.” These two powers existed from a long time ago, in the “caves” that our ancestors lived in. A house is the shelter of our hearts and bodies, and is also the starting point of our well-being.

We at Daisaku strive to make these 2 shelters, the room and the garden, function. We pursue true house-building while calculating the change of the surrounding neighborhood due to the completion of that house. Daisaku’s pride is in our slogan: “Life with Greenery.” Greenery is indispensable for humans. If there is the slightest bit of land, we propose planting something to our customers. All our daily activities are “social contributions” through our work, and lead to a harmony with the environment. The Chinese character “人(person)” is supported from both sides, each supporting the other. In the Chinese character “家(house)”, a person (人) is placed inside, and surrounded by walls and a roof, protecting him from the environment. We consider house-building as a business which we build together, where both we and the customers understand and trust each other. I sincerely hope that the “house” we build becomes a symbol of the life our customers have built, and the proof of the happiness in their lives.

Exerting as much inventiveness as possible into 21st century architecture

The string rolled in the pulley passes through the cotton soaked in ink in the “puddleâ€? and is tied to the end of the pin (Karuko). The pin is inserted into the wood, and the ink pot is moved to where you want to draw the line. By pulling the string with ink tight and plucking the string with your fingers above the wood, a straight line is drawn. This is the work of the “ink pot.â€? Its structure is simple, yet clever. You can see the technique of skilled workmen of the past shine through. We, who are responsible for 21st century architecture, do not forget such inventiveness as the “ink pot.â€? This is one architectural philosophy, a basic undertaking, of Daisaku.

Taking in the entire environment is our house-building concept

Using the surrounding landscape as if though it were a part of your own garden is called “shakkei.â€? As one traditional landscaping technique of Japan, its exquisiteness is in harmonizing the natural view with the artificial garden. We, at Daisaku, build all our houses with the concept of taking in the entire environment as part of the scenery. We conduct a thorough inspection of the environment, such as the characteristics of the region and the lifestyles of the people, before starting the plan of the building. This is one architectural philosophy, a basic undertaking, of Daisaku.

Inherited Technology & Reliance, Achievements; The Daisaku Spirit

Once upon a time, the Tenma-Sugahara-cho neighborhood bustled as the birthplace of Osaka’s grocery business, making it a corner of the Senba area. A symbol of this City of Waters is the storehouse residence, still existing today. What the carpenters who took part in the construction expressed was a house-building philosophy of simplicity and fortitude. Daisaku follows that flow, and inherits the Tenma-Sugahara-cho area, succeeds the technique of the artisans, and confronts modern architecture. In the new century, we strive to form top-quality buildings while succeeding the techniques and reliance of the past. This is one architectural philosophy, a basic undertaking, of Daisaku.

The creative ability of Daisaku is soaring high in to the future.

The “originâ€? of habitation is that humans and the natural environment fit in together. To seek this way as it should always be, Daisaku has made tremendous progress in the technology of making the living environment. Daisaku's ever changing creative ability that has been alive throughout the ages is now soaring high in to the future.